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Oliver wearing his Owlet Sock

Postpartum Anxiety & OCD

Postpartum Anxiety and OCD is the most misunderstood and misdiagnosed postpartum disorder {according to PSI}… and I could not agree more.

After I had our 3rd baby, Wyatt, I had terrible anxiety at the hospital. I tried to shake it off, but I didn’t have that overwhelming feeling of love and happiness that I had after I gave birth to Jason and Madeleine. I told the nurse I didn’t feel “right” and was having anxiety, and she suggested I shower and take a walk. My feelings were brushed off, and I felt horrible feeling this way so I tried my best to power through and ignore my inner turmoil.


When we got home from the hospital, my husband went to grab dinner for us and left me and the baby at home. That is the first time I knew something wasn’t right. I was absolutely, 100% TERRIFIED to be left alone with my baby! I had two babies before him, how could I be scared to be by myself? I knew what I was doing – I’m a seasoned mom! The feeling was truly overwhelming and when I say terrifying, I can’t quite express the heaviness of how I felt in words.


If you have never experienced anxiety before, I will try and explain how it feels. TERRIBLE. There ya go. AWFUL. Once you have anxiety, you then begin to have anxiety about.the.anxiety. It is such a cruel disease! Anxiety truly snowballs.

Now, here I am with my 3rd baby, completely overwhelmed being a (newly) stay at home mom of 3 kids and I am feeling terrible, but didn’t know exactly what was going on. I wish I had called my OB/GYN on day 1 but stupidly I tried to power through and waited until my 6 week follow up.

What started as being afraid to be alone with my baby turned into being afraid of walking around holding him near steps, or the railing on the second floor. Next, I became incredible fearful of driving. I was TERRIFIED I would somehow get in an accident or run off the road. That turned into being afraid to even leave the house or go anywhere in public. You can see where I’m heading with this.

Obsessive, Compulsive. Irrational Fears

The anxiety started spiraling out of control when it spread to me worrying about ALL my children. Before bed time at night, I would get up and check on all 3 kids OBSESSIVELY. And yes I mean obsessively. I had to give each of them a kiss a certain amount of times, go back and check on them a certain amount of times, then jump back out of bed to check on them again. 

Wyatt was sleeping in our room and I was terrified to have him anywhere close to the bed, in case a pillow fell on him (and precisely 1 million other bad scenarios that could happen). I’d wake up sweating in the middle of the night, laying my hand on his chest to make sure he was breathing. IT WAS AWFUL. The baby would sleep but I could not. 

I finally had my 6 week appointment and mentioned to my doctor that I was having irrational fears. She immediately knew that wasn’t like me (she was my same doctor I had with Madeleine and I never had any of this). She prescribed me medication and got me a referral to talk to a psychologist to get this figured out ASAP. God bless this sweet woman for taking something I said ever so lightly in conversation so seriously and not letting me shake it off as something I will get over on my own.

Please. Get help. NOW

I remember being in the waiting area of the doctor’s office by myself with Wyatt, feeling just completely and utterly terrified. I had nothing to be afraid of. Looking back, I feel silly for having felt that way but now I know it wasn’t because of ME, it was because of this awful thing called ANXIETY. If you are having any symptoms of anxiety, having intrusive thoughts or compulsive behavior, call your doctor NOW. Do not wait. Get the medication. Get help NOW. Postpartum anxiety and OCD is hardly talked about and I had never heard of it before I had it myself. It can happen at any time. I am happy to report that I did not have the same experience after my most recent birth (baby #4, Oliver). 

The Owlet monitor saved my sanity

The Owlet Sock is so cute and doesn’t bother the baby at all!

While my symptoms were much, much bigger, I truly wish I had the Owlet monitor I have now for Oliver. I don’t worry at all at night about his breathing. I don’t get up and check on him, or try to zoom in on the baby monitor to see if he’s breathing. I have complete and utter peace of mind over his health. The Owlet sock tracks heart and oxygen levels that you can see on your phone. It also has a base station which glows green to reassure you baby is okay but will notify you if heart rate and oxygen levels leave preset zones.

TODAY it is ON SALE!!! This is huge. I purchased the sock originally for $299 and it is on sale today for $219.99!!  I truly can’t recommend this enough for any parent. In fact, I was at Target yesterday shopping their Black Friday sales and chatted with a new mom, encouraging her to buy the Owlet monitor!

Oliver wearing his Owlet monitor

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